Major daily goes weekly, focuses on digital

FAMOUS English regional newspaper, The Birmingham Post, has announced it will close in three weeks – after more than 150 years of daily publishing.

The Post is going to convert to a weekly newspaper, published on Thursdays, and focus on digital news coverage of Britain’s second-largest city.

It was one of the largest and most significant titles in the world to make this dramatic transition. A similar move was executed earlier this year in the United States by the Christian Science Monitor.

In a long and at times extraordinarily rambling article published for its readers yesterday, the Post said it would provide news on email, as well as use mobile and PDA platforms.

“The stresses of the economic downturn may well have hastened our move to become a genuinely multi-media title but the result will be a paper that’s better placed than almost any other to meet the challenges of the digital age by fusing innovation with its traditional values,” wrote editor Marc Reeves.

Reading like a memo of staff movements and resignations, about which readers might really care very little, Reeves revealed that he would no longer be editor because “I would have to commit to be editor for a considerable period into the future”.

The Birmingham Post, along with other well-known British regionals such as the Coventry Telegraph, is part of the Trinity Mirror Group, which has been facing difficult economic times amid a deep and nasty UK recession.

Almost 60 British local and regional newspapers have been forced to close since the beginning of 2008 in the most significant rationalisation of media the country has ever endured.


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