NZ seeks reader measurement offers

NEW Zealand media this morning released a call for tenders to conduct readership measurement for newspapers.

Its Print Media Industry Research Review Group said it was seeking expressions of interest to participate in the tendering process for readership measurement (including consumer insights and media engagement) for a minimum five-year period.

The move is similar to the tender call in made by The Newspaper Works for measurement of Australian newspaper readership.

The New Zealand print media industry commands the biggest share of advertising expenditure at $NZ1 billion a year and 43.5% of total advertising expenditure, according to the report, New Zealand Advertising Industry Turnover for 2008.

The group said in a statement it was seeking to future proof the readership measurement system providing the flexibility to adapt as technology continues to evolve and provide relevant audience data in a more complex and dynamic media landscape.

“This has been a unique project with the three key industry players‐ advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers‐working closely together, to ensure we can satisfy all our needs by getting the best possible measurement information on print, consumer insights and media engagement” said chairman Derek Lindsay.

Prospective tenders may come from New Zealand and overseas.

Companies looking to take part in the tender process will be required to submit an Expression of
Interest, which responds to a brief for credentials, specific to magazine and newspaper audience measurement.

The tender process will be facilitated by consultant Pip Elliott.

The deadline is 5pm, November 13 to lodge their expressions of interest and respond to the credentials brief.


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