Advertising study is instant stir

A NEW case study illustrating the power of advertising in newspapers has been released by industry group, The Newspaper Works.

Food manufacturer Nestlé measured a 21 per cent improvement in brand equity for its Nescafé Greenblend coffee by using newspapers alongside a TV campaign.

The case study is the first in a series that shows the power of newspaper advertising, and the importance of including print in the media mix, especially in the so-called fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category.

Research found newspapers helped enhance the emotional response to TV advertising by 52 per cent. “Newspapers outperformed TV in delivering taste, quality and emotive cues, considered likely factors in driving purchase,” said the study.

The mix of newspapers and TV outperformed TV-only on brand familiarity, brand uniqueness and brand quality.

The study, called Newspapers Help Build an Instant Brand, was undertaken with Nestlé as part of The Newspaper Works’ “Newspaper Effectiveness” programme, which involved a combination of qualitative and quantitative research among grocery buyers.

Nestlé’s Australia Consumer Insight & Planning Manager, Melanie Owens, said: “This research clearly demonstrated great results for newspapers. It’s proven that an effective newspaper advertising idea can definitely enhance TV advertising and build emotional brand values.”

The Newspaper Works CEO, Tony Hale, said newspapers played a vital role in building brand equity and the quality and taste cues were crucial. “If anybody believes newspapers can’t drive emotional connections, they need to read this report,” he said.

For full details of the study, go to


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